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Howie’s Homestay: When Can You Consider a Hotel a Five-Star Hotel

When it comes to hotel star rating systems, they are widely recognized as a definitive way of ascertaining the overall quality of a hotel, but the rankings may differ from one country to another. The method of hotel ranking differs from one country to another based on their government agencies, tourism bodies, and hotel authorities. While there is no international standardization that hotels in the world need to follow or comply, stars do reflect the level of service, location, price, amenities, and cleanliness. In this article, allow us to share with you the different star ratings and know how you will be able to determine a one, two, three, four, and five-star hotel.

One-star hotels offer basic room options that offer business operations for seven days a week, and staff should be available during the day to receive and check-in hotel guests. Some one-star hotels still have shared bathroom facilities, with vending machines, but without a sort of bar or restaurant on-site. Two-star hotels are rating for hotels having basic room options but with telephone and television, private bathroom, and in-house restaurant or bar. A two-star hotel has a higher level of cleanliness and maintenance services as compared to a one-star hotel. When it comes to three-star hotels, there are different room categories, basic gym facilities, restaurant, bar, and business center or conference room. Guests should have access to these areas even without using keys. In a three-star hotel, there should also be a WI-Fi service to at least the public areas, and a room service available.

The staffing and quality of service should be high in a four-star hotel, with several rooms that include suites. The amenities of a four-star hotel include the amenities found in a three-star hotel but with internet or WI-Fi connection inside the rooms, twenty-four-hour room service, and thermostatically-controlled shower. A five-star hotel can boast all the amenities and accommodations of a four-star hotel with excellent staff services and customer care. When it comes to hospitality, delivery of services, cleanliness, and maintenance, there is a very high standard that all staff need to comply with. The amenities include valet parking concierge services, butler services, 24-hour room service and front desk reception, and spa and fitness facilities.

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