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Importance of Law

It is important to obey the law in every society. In order for a country to live in peace without a hitch, law has to be in place.In every nation, laws are created by the legislature for all members to obey. For those people who go against the law, there are different kinds of punishment for them. However, it is important to observe the rule of law in any country so as to maintain peace. The following are the reasons why law is important in a society.

When criminal activities are done to people, the law is able to defend them.This is one of the basic functions of the rule of law in any country which is to protect its people from evil. In order to achieve this, criminals are presented before the court of law for the charges. In the courts, criminals are prosecuted and if proved guilty they are charged accordingly.The sentences are different in terms of duration to be spent in jail ranging from a few days to sentence for life.

There are also community courts which help to resolve disputes that arise in a community. In most communities where people live together, arguments always happen.Rather than take such disputes to a high court, such cases are resolved in the county or community level. Sometimes, a community may create the local laws in order to deal with the prevalent crimes.When such laws are in place, people will be discouraged from taking matters into their own hands since that is also punishable by law.

When there is the rule of law in a country, it promotes the common good of its citizens. People will always avoid engaging in criminal activities because they fear to spend their life in jail.But if they realize that there will be no penalties, they will not care much about their deeds. However, people will become more responsible to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. They will obey to avoid the long arm of the law.

In addition, the law is very helpful in distribution of property among its people.This means that every member of a society is treated equally despite their income, strength or status. The rule of law is very beneficial to the disabled since it gives them a platform to enjoy their rights. Therefore, there will be few or no cases of property fights since every member of the society will have their share.

With the rule of law, peace is maintained in a country or community. When law is enforced, people will always avoid conflicts. They will avoid getting punished by law. Therefore, people will avoid criminal activities. Additionally, moral laws are necessary for society.

5 Uses For Lawyers

5 Uses For Lawyers